No Out-Door Unite Air

climators without outdoor unit


Controller and connectivity

The user interface ensures continuous control and monitoring of the operating parameters of the heat pump or integrated system installed. This terminal cabled to the heat pump does not necessarily have to be positioned near the machine but can be placed in any part of the home for comfortable and easy use.

  • MODE Button
    One button for modify the air conditioner mode

  • FAN Button
    Used to select the fan speed

  • SLEEP Button
    Active/Disable sleep function. It can maintain the most comfortable temperature and save energy. This function is available on COOL, HEAT or AUTO mode only

  • FRESH Button
    Active/Disable When the FRESH function is initiated, the Ionizer/ Plasma Dust Collector(depending on models) is energized and will help to remove pollen and impurities from the air

  • UP Button
    Push this button to increase the indoor temperature setting in 1°C increments to 30°C.

  • Down Button
    Push this button to decrease the indoor temperature setting in 1°C increments to 17°C.

  • Swing Button
    Used to stop or start vertical louver movement and set the desired left/right air flow direction

  • FOLLOW ME Button
    Push this button to initiate the Follow Me feature, the remote display is actual temperature at its location

Technical data mono air conditioners 10000 BTU 12000 BTU
Cooling kW 2,4 2,7
Heating kW 2,3 2,5
SEER 2,7 2,6
SCOP 3,1 3,1