New Artel products launching in 2020

New designs, ecofriendly and absolutely innovative technology… stoves, thermostoves and much more!

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40 years of experience

Since 1981 it operates throughout the world in diversified distribution channels

An Italian company boasting 40 years of experience in the air treatment sector. Since 1981, Artel has been manufacturing and offering innovative products for any application: domestic, commercial and industrial. The company was founded in 1981 with the aim of producing and distributing climate control and air treatment appliances …

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The Artel pellet stoves are designed to cover both aesthetic and energetic needs easily

Gas and Pellet

They are technically designed to meet every need, even aesthetic ones


The heat pump to satisfy all the needs: heating, cooling, domestic hot water and even swimming pool


The air we breathe is our most important resource. Protecting it and making it better has always been Artel’ objective

energy saving / optimization and efficiency


Artel is the new generation

For each product, there are accurate laboratory tests. Artel group guarantees eco-friendly and respectful performances. In order to reduce consumptions and promote a sustainable use of resources, each material is designed to provide the maximum calorie yield.

choosing eco-sustainability


Why pellet?

In terms of eco-compatibility, pellet is the most eco-friendly fuel. Between processing, transport and combustion, there is a reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, which is around the 95% compared to traditional fuels, such as methane or diesel.


A heating system should be eco-sustainable but the design should be aesthetically pleasing too, especially if we consider a stove that is going to be installed in living rooms or in an exposed position in the house. Artel group allows you to enjoy the advantages of the pellet heating system with style!

ecodesign rules


ECODESIGN 2020 E 2022

Artelgroup has already started to work on the design so that all the products can follow the expected parameters. This is because many models already fulfill the minimum efficiency and emissions requirements established by Ecodesign.

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