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Partners of associations committed to the development of biomass and renewable bionergy Artel group guarantees certified products at European level.

ECODESIGN 2020 E 2022

ecodesign rules

The European directive about eco-friendly design concerns all individual pellet and wood stoves and boilers. The regulation states that these types of products can be introduce on the market only if they follow certain energy efficiency requirements and emission limit values. Sustainability and environmental protection have always been fundamental aspects of the Artelgroup’s corporate philosophy. That is why many models already fulfill the minimum efficiency and emissions requirements established by Ecodesign.

Artelgroup has already started working on the design following the parameters set by the European Union for Ecodesign 2020 and 2022. The European Union will accept boilers starting from 2020 and stoves, thermostoves and fireplace inserts from 2022 only if compliant with the new ECODESIGN regulation. This standard will require a greater energy efficiency and lower CO emissions into the atmosphere.

Why is it a high-efficiency product?
A high-efficiency product combines design and technology and ensures an optimal combustion but it also provides more advantages:

  • Lower consumption
  • Long autonomy
  • Greater control of the combustion
  • Low emissions

Artel group products already possess all the requirements in compliance with the regulations that the EU will require in 2020 and 2022 (Ecodesign) about energy efficiency..


What is the energy efficiency label?

It is a sticker that indicates the energy classification of the product. In January 2018, the European Union issued a scale that defines energy efficiency which is mandatory for all manufacturers.
All Artel group products are classified at least A +. This means high quality and performances with the maximum energy efficiency.
Choosing high efficiency products means:

  • Greater efficiency, lower consumption and greater savings;
  • Less emissions of polluting gases;
  • Less maintenance because the products remain cleaner;
  • More effective and long-lasting combustion;
    Less smells and smoke in the house;

Reduced environmental impact

At present, the European Union – through the Ecodesign Directive – has established that every household appliance, climate control device, heating or lighting device must carry an ErP (Energy Related Product) energy label reflecting the device’s energy efficiency level. For heat pumps, the energy label is subdivided into nine classes, from the best performing “A++” to the worst performing “G” class.

  – Manufacturer’s name

  – Heating function

  – Model nome

  – lass relative to the heating function with    T=35°C

  – Energy class relative to the heating    function with T=55°C

  – Theoretical heating load provided for the    three climate ranges. The medium range is in    bold, for which the declared        energy class is defined.

  – Sound power level relative to the heating    function

European certifications

Security guarantees

Artel group pays particular attention to the protection of the ecosystem and everything related to the wood-energy supply chain, as we are producers of the technologies to transform these biofuels into heat and energy.
For this reason, after passing the normal laboratory tests, all models get a certification by the most important European Institutes. The certifications prove that the product has been checked and approved in accordance with the standards of the institution consulted.
Thanks to these certifications, quality becomes a concrete value that meets all customer expectations. A seal of guarantee constitutes a tangible proof of quality, safety and absolute compliance with the environmental standards of the product’s design, construction, safety and operation characteristics.
Mandatory marking for all products for which European Union legislation exists. This can be achieved through a declaration of conformity and safety performance, as required by the applied EU directive. International leader accredited to verify the product quality through activities such as tests, evaluations, and inspections (etc.). This complies with the European standards EN 14785 – EN 13240 and EN 303-5 accredited institutions verify the product quality and compliance with European standards EN 14785 – EN 13240 and EN 303-5.

ITALY: AIEL – certification that assigns to each product an increasing number of stars in relation to performance and lower emissions.
FRANCE: in order to guarantee the quality, efficiency and high environmental performance of pellet stoves and fireplaces.
AUSTRIA: certification for compliance of restricted environmental protection measures.
SWITZERLAND: certification for compliance with AICAA-related fire protection measures for the highest safety standards in the world.
GERMANY: Authorization for the installation of hermetic products.
FRANCIA: Authorization for the installation of hermetic products.
UNITED KINGDOM: Quality seal that allows access to the financial incentives of the British government.