Combined wood and pellet boiler

Combi Boilers The combined boilers are a new product of the water family available in the 25-31-45 kW versions. They are equipped with 2 separate combustion chambers for wood and pellets. The pellet part is equipped with automatic cleaning of the brazier while the wood area works with pyrolitic inverse flame. The efficiency and functionality of this product are guaranteed by a single multifunctional display control which, combined with the oxygen sensor and the modulating fan, optimizes and increases the efficiency of the boiler.

  • Class 5

  • Lambda probe for wood section only

  • Ceramic resitence for pellet section only

  • Wifi for pellet section only

Nominal heat outputkW253145
Diameter fluemm150160180
Outlet connectorin1” 1/2’’1” 1/2’’1” 1/2’’
Connection returnin1” 1/2’’1” 1/2’’1” 1/2’’
Temperature flue gas outlet°C140140140
Max temperature in operation°C909090
Max operating pressurebar2,52,52,5
Boiler dimensions (W x D x H)mm700x1385x1565700x1385x1565700x1385x1565
Maximum length of wood logsmm550550550
Volume combustion chamberlt10,410,420,2
Content of water in the boilerlt138167187
Total weight boilerkg750875930
Maximum flow of the exhaust pelletkg/s0,0190,0220,027
Maximum flow of the exhaust woodkg/s0,02060,02620,0385
Efficiency pellet%92,9 - 93,393 - 92,893,2 - 92,6
Efficiency wood%91 - 90,390,8 - 90,390,6 - 90,2