Project Description

Automatik 24-31-48

Automatic pellet boiler

The range of traditional Hydro steel combines extremely high efficiency up to 97.54% with an attractive design. With double door and “magic” glass, they adapt to any decor. All models, with the exception of 14, are equipped with a tangential room fan and can be supplied, on request, with the additional kit for the production of sanitary water.

  • Ceramic resistance

  • Wi-fi Optional

technical scheme

1 – Boiler Automatic

2 – Air sel-venting group 2,5 bar

3 – Motor 4-ways mixing valve

4 – Closed type expansion vessel

5 – Return flow sensor

6 – Accumulation tank CAS

7 – Accumulation tank sensor CAS 1 (upper)

8 – Accumulation tank sensor CAS 2 (lower)

9- 3-way diverter valve

10- Room thermostat

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Energy label